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Project-Based Services

CD Manufacturing

Digital Distribution

Graphic Design

Examples: VVQ CD jacket & Neil Olmstead CD jacket

  • CD packaging, CD face, digital album cover, merchandise, etc.



  • Curate and manufacture three new merch options based on your fan’s tastes. 

  • Merch tracking system for monitoring inventory on and off the road. Includes tools to calculate profit and low-inventory alerts.


  • Registrations with data tracking and reporting agencies as well as music platforms that may not be covered by digital distribution.

  • US Copyright Office registration.


Social Media Announcements

  • A set of three announcement graphics formatted for five of the top social media sites.

  • Not included: ongoing management of email/social media.


Social Media Refresh

  • New social media profile and header graphics to update your look; formatted for five of the top social media sites.

  • Not included: ongoing management of email/social media.


Tour Management
All tasks completed remotely.

  • Advance shows.

  • Travel arrangements.

  • Order and ship merchandise to restock.


Venue Contact Database

  • Curated list of more than 50 potential venues and contacts in the Boston and/or NYC area.


Examples: Kaoruko Pilkington & Neil Olmstead 

  • Website with the following pages: Home, About, Shows, Music, and Contact. Additional pages extra.

  • Content creation.

    • Write biography. 

    • Curate photos, videos, and press reviews. 

  • Ability to sell music directly from your website.

  • Domain name and hosting assistance.

    • Domain name creation.

    • Connecting domain name to host and host to website.

  • Domain-specific email account 

Artist Management 

All Project Services plus:

Career Planning

  • ​Create short- and long-term career objectives including:

    • Planning next song/EP/album, music video, tour, etc.

    • Diversifying income

    • Manage finances, calendars, publicity, and performance opportunities

Marketing Strategy and Brand Management

  • Produce promo video and other content

  • Measure engagement to grow fanbase

  • Solicit press coverage

  • Manage social media profiles


  • Collect monies due to artists

  • Register works with PROs (ASCAP or BMI), SoundExchange, Harry Fox, MLC, Music Reports, and U.S. Copyright Office

  • License and promote compositions

  • Manage digital distribution

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