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My Roots

After a dozen years in corporate America, I found my calling in the music industry. 

In 2008, a couple friends and I went to see a band at an art gallery in the small town of Traverse City, Michigan. The audience was modest and lackluster - there was even a man sleeping on a couch. About halfway through the show, I noticed that nearly everyone was dancing. Seeking a better view, I moved to the front row and became completely absorbed by the amazing music. I was head-over-heels in love by the end of the show.

I started following the band online and attended as many shows as I could. I asked questions. I offered to help. I baked them cookies. After just a few concerts, I started assisting with merchandise. By the time the band broke up, I had seen them in fourteen states and sold merch at more than half of the shows I attended.

A new world opened up for me. I found other artists that I could help in various ways, from career planning to video recording to loading gear. I moved to Massachusetts in 2011 seeking new opportunities. I started working at Berklee College of Music and continued helping musicians on the side. For a short time, I put my artist management endeavor aside to complete my Master’s degree in music business. Now I'm back to helping musicians any way I can.



Master of Science, Music Industry Leadership

     Northeastern University

     Boston, MA

Bachelor of Business Administration, Integrative Professional Studies

     Davenport University

     Midland, MI

Associate of Business Administration, Management

     Davenport University

     Midland, MI


Past Clients

Bradford Gleim

      2015 Grammy Winner

Caravan of Thieves
Ryan Montbleau Band
The Verve Pipe

      Billboard Chart Topper

Virginia Warnken

      2014 Grammy Winner

Client Feedback

My clients are great people who make great music.  I want to allow them to concentrate on their art instead of the business.  Here's what some of them have to say:

“She consistently presents me with new ideas and new ways to do things, uses technology in a creative manner to keep us on the same page, and is always my cheerleader…”

- Carrie Treder

“My professional life is now a much better structured and well-organized pursuit thanks to the vision of Andrea Farner.  She is truly a gifted problem solver…”

- Bradford Gleim


“What impressed me the most was Andrea’s initiative and attention to detail...  She constantly sought new tasks to take on, and from the very beginning when she approached us looking for a way to be involved in our organization and help improve on what we had developed, I knew she was a special and invaluable person to have on our team.”

- James Sangiovanni   


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