Artist Management and Administrative Services

  • Create short- and long-term career objectives including:

    • Planning next song/EP/album, music video, tour, etc.

    • Diversifying income

  • Manage finances, calendars, publicity, and performance opportunities

Marketing Strategy and Brand Management

  • Produce promo video and other content

  • Measure engagement to grow fanbase

  • Solicit press coverage


  • Order and manage CD/merch inventory

  • Cook up creative merch options

  • Analyze merch sales to optimize income




  • Collect monies due to artists

  • Register works with ASCAP, SoundExchange, Harry Fox, and the U.S. Copyright Office (BMI coming soon)

  • License and promote compositions

  • Manage digital distribution

Social Media and Web

  • Update artist and social media websites with performance dates and other info

  • Design and facilitate website creation or update

  • Ghostwrite blog posts

Tour Management

  • Advance shows

  • Provide tour support (e.g. book hotels, plan tour, etc.)